The Lesvos Bird Records Committee (LBRC) was established by the Hellenic Rarities Committee in its February 2nd, 2009 session.
The aim of the LBRC is to encourage visiting birders to submit their records, in particular to provide addiitonal details of national Greek rarities, local Lesvos rarities and breeding records of the scarcer breeding species.

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HRC decisions for 2010

Terek Sandpiper | Ρωσότρυγγας | Xenus cinereus
Three records
(HRC10 in prep):
ad Kalloni Saltpans 29 Apr 10 (photo: W Bowell et al);
juv Kalloni Saltpans 27 Jul 10 (photo: G Brodie);
ad Faneromeni 29 Sept 10 (photo: D & C Wallbank).

GREY Phalarope (RED PHALAROPE) | Κόκκινος Φαλαρόποδας | Phalaropus fulicarius
One record
(HRC10 in prep):
1 Polichnitos Saltpans 31 Oct – 3 Nov 10 (photo: W & E Kappes, T Robinson)
This is the first record for Lesvos.

blue-cheeked Bee-eater | Πράσινος Μελισσοφάγος | Merops persicus
One record
(HRC10 in prep):
1 Kalloni Saltpans 19 May 10 (D Vieuxtemps, M Mahy)

yellow-browed warbler | Κιτρινόφρυδος Φυλλοσκόπος | Phylloscopus inornatus
Two records
(HRC10 in prep):
1 Vergias (Chalandra) River mouth, Skala Eresou, 29 Mar (J-P & S Siblet);
1 Akrasi 19 Sept (J & S Bowers) (HRC10 in prep).
These are the first two records for Lesvos. There are nine previous Greek records.

finsch’s wheatear | Βουνοπετρόκλης | Oenanthe finschii
One record
(HRC10 in prep):
male Ipsilou 8 Apr (photo:
N Probonas, T Kastritis, S Zakkak, V Trigou, K Gaganis, T Kominos, A Galanaki)
This is only the second accepted record for Lesvos and the third record for Greece

HRC found the following the following records for 2010 ‘not proven’ and are therefore not accepted.
Siberian Stonechat | Μαυρολαίμης | Saxicola torquata maura Skala Polichnitou 21 Jan & 28 Feb 10
Isabelline Shrike | Ξανθοκεφαλάς | Lanius isabellinus Petra 23 Aug 10
Ring Ouzel | Χιονοκότσυφας | Turdus torquatus Tsiknias River 21 May 10